Department of Health

Healthy Workers Initiative


Victoria's implementation of the Healthy Workers Initiative includes both statewide activities and targeted activities being driven through the Prevention Community Model. This model is funding 12 Prevention Areas, comprising 14 LGAs and community health agencies, to enable a more intensive and locally targeted prevention effort. Key initiatives across the state as outlined in the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2011-2015 include:

  • a recognition scheme for creating health promoting workplaces
  • the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service to support workplace nutrition policies and provide advice on healthier food options
  • a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Partnership to advise and oversee the rollout of the Healthy Workers Initiative
  • a statewide long-term workplace preventive health framework to guide Victoria’s efforts in workplace health and wellbeing
  • approaches to tackle workplace stress as proposed in the Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012-2022: Metropolitan health Plan
For more information on Victoria’s implementation of the Healthy Workers Initiative, visit the Department of Health Victoria website .

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