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image of patient with GPTobacco smoking is the single largest cause of preventable death in Australia.
Evidence suggests that smokers take three times as much sick leave as non-smokers and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke or second-hand smoke can also cause harm.

Workplace health strategies to address smoking include such things as implementing a smoke-free workplace policy and strategies to encourage and support staff in their attempt to quit smoking.

See the case study for Ramsay Health Care to see how they help their employees to quit smoking.


What can I do together with my employees to go Smokefree?

Checklist of things you might consider:
  • Provide employees with information about the benefits of quitting smoking
  • Encourage employees to call the Quitline:
  • Develop a smoke-free workplace policy
  • Encourage employees to join a ‘quit smoking’ program and consider subsiding these programs
  • Subsidise aids to quit smoking such as nicotine replacement therapy
  • Encourage employees to talk to their doctor about quitting smoking

Queensland Health

Encourage employees to call the Quitline
Workplace Quit Smoking Program is for Queensland workplaces with workers in blue collar occupations who smoke and are interested in stopping

How to plan and deliver a Smokefree program in my workplace

This section provides tips on how to plan and deliver a smoke-free program in your workplace, as well as resources to support your employees to quit smoking.

Australian Government

Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania

NT Health

South Australian Government

QuitVictoria – Workplace courses

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Workcover Tasmania

Cancer Council New South Wales

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Health Canada

British Heart Foundation

NHS (National Health Service, United Kingdom)

ENWHP (European Network for Workplace Health Promotion)

United States Department of Health

fittogether (USA)

WELCOA (Wellness Councils of America)

Developing a smoke-free policy

Tools for Employers


This section provides useful tools to help individuals to quit smoking, including cost calculators and coaching resources.

Tools to help you quit smoking