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Workplace Health Savings Calculator


This is an easy to use calculator that can help to measure potential savings associated with implementing a successful workplace health program by measuring absenteeism and staff turnover in the workplace.

This calculator can be used in two ways: as a business case to demonstrate potential savings your business could expect from a successful workplace program or to track progress of a workplace program that you have implemented or are currently implementing.

This calculator should be used as an overall gauge of the impact (or potential impact) of a successful workplace health program.

It is important to remember there are other ways of measuring the success or demonstrating the potential benefits of a workplace health program on employee health and your business. Case studies provide information on the types of programs you could implement in your workplace and other benefits a program could have.

More information on the development of the calculator is available here.

Download an excel version of the Workplace Health Savings Calculator (Excel 31 KB)

To see a worked example of how the calculator works please click here