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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Scope and target

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The healthy lifestyle program documentation must include a description of the scope and target of the program.

Describing the scope and target of a program is one of the most important parts of program definition and planning processes. It sets the broad parameters for what a program will do, and boundaries around what it won’t do.

A succinct and well defined program scope is required. The scope and target will include a definition of the:

  • intended objectives (the reasons for doing the program and what is hoped to be achieved)
  • intended target groups (the people or groups that are the focus of a particular program or service)
  • intended environments in which the program is applied. This may include the:
    • physical environment
    • organisational environment (e.g., is it running in conjunction with any other organisation/program?)
    • social environment or culture within which the program interacts or targets
  • excluded target groups and environments (details of the people/groups and environments that a program is not suitable for)
  • program approach (what is done, in what order, how it is done and who does it).

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Published date: July 2012