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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Engagement and Collaboration

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Key to successful outcomes is the level of engagement and participation by workers and business owners/senior Executive. Engagement and collaboration both internally and externally will enhance the success and reach of any health promotion approach. The following key elements should be considered by all workplaces.

Promotion: ‐Workplaces will need to discuss the mutual benefits with employers, management, employees and with any established healthy and safety representatives /committees. Promotion of program activities will support higher levels of participation and engagement. Promoting the successes and lessons learnt will promote continuous improvement and sustainability.

Communication: ‐As with all programs communication is key. Open discussion should be encouraged and take account of the different needs of people in workplaces. Communication needs to be repeated regularly to improve its effectiveness. Communicate the what, why, how, where and who.

Champions: ‐The use of workplace champions is associated with higher levels of success. Champions are those who are committed and passionate about workplace health promotion and healthy lifestyles and can help motivate others. They can act as role models and lead specific engagement strategies.

Respectful: ‐Programs must be respectful of individual choice, cultural beliefs and business requirements. They should also reflect any legal requirements.

Partnerships: ‐Collaborative approaches use partnerships effectively to harness like minded groups and individuals to achieve similar goals. There are many possible partners available to support workplaces including Workplace Health and Safety teams, local community groups, state and territory government departments, local businesses, not for profit and non‐government groups and private providers. The Healthy Worker Registration process will assist workplaces in selecting quality providers, if they chose to use external providers.

Key elements:

  • Promotion
  • Communication
  • Champions
  • Respectful
  • Partnerships 

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Published date: July 2012