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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative


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The following terms are used within this document.
Term/ AbbreviationMeaning
‘healthies’The term used to collectively describe the three setting based approaches to preventive health: communities, workers and kids.
Clients Those contracting to receive programs eg. Employer/organisation/workplace
COAGCouncil of Australian Governments
CriteriaA subset of a standard describing an element of how the standard can be achieved
EmployeePotential participant – employee of healthy workplace organsiation
ESSAExercise and Sports Scientists of Australia
FrameworkThe Quality Framework for the Healthy Workers Initiative comprising the three components: Healthy Lifestyle Program Provider Registration, Program Registration, and Guidelines for Healthy Workplaces
GroupPeople coming together with common needs for a program
HAPIAHealth and Productivity Institute of Australia
HCIHealthy Communities Initiative
HWIHealthy Workers Initiative
HWPHealthy Workplace Program
HWQFHealthy Worker Quality Framework
LGALocal Government Area
NHSNational Health Survey
NPAPHNational Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health
OH&SOccupational Health and Safety
ParticipantsPeople engaged in a program
PortalThe web based information site to be established to support the HWI and the Framework
ProgramA formal approach or intervention/s to assist individuals, groups, employees achieve improvements in their healthy living
QMSQuality Management Services – the organisation contracted to manage the HCI Quality Framework
Registration BodyThe body, organisation, consortium to be appointed by the Department of Health and Ageing to manage the Framework
ServiceBusinesses, organisations, sole providers providing healthy living programs to individuals, groups and communities
Service ProviderAs for service
Staff / workforcePaid and unpaid workers assisting providers to implement Programs. Workforce includes those who are licensed to deliver a program through a ‘train the trainer’ or similar. It does not erfer to employees in a clients organisation
StandardAn overarching statement of quality
The DepartmentThe Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
UKUnited Kingdom
WHOWorld Health Organization

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Published date: July 2012