Department of Health

Healthy Workers Initiative


Queensland Healthy Workers implementation plan, known as the Workplaces for Wellness Initiative, includes a mix of targeted strategies and a range of support resources, tools and services to help workplaces implement effective and sustainable wellness activities. The Workplaces for Wellness Initiative targets industry and occupation groups that have higher rates of smoking, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating and alcohol use. These industries include construction, transport and storage, manufacturing, mining and resources, agriculture, fisheries and farming, and sedentary workforces such as the public sector.

Activities and initiatives are designed to make healthy choices the easy choices for Queensland workers. The focus is on healthy places, such as integrating workplace health promotion into existing policies and procedures; and healthy people, such as implementing health and wellbeing programs to help workers adopt healthy behaviours.

Examples of strategies being delivered include:

  • Workplaces for Wellness website – a one stop shop to assist businesses deliver health and wellbeing programs through a suits of resources, tools and templates.
  • A recognition scheme that rewards workplaces for their efforts and commitment to health and wellbeing.
  • A funding program for the implementation and evaluation of workplace health and wellbeing activities for businesses who are just starting out or those who want to extend their existing program.
  • The Workplace Quit Smoking Program – aims to reduce the high rate of smoking in blue collar occupation by combining
  • The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service – provides support to workers to assist them to make healthy behaviour changes.
Have a look at the links below to see some resources that were developed in Queensland.

Also remember there may be resources developed in different states and territories that could be relevant to your workplace.

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