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New South Wales Healthy Workers Forum

New South Wales Healthy Workers Forum (PDF 314 KB)

NSW Health and WorkCover NSW hosted the first NSW Healthy Workers Initiative stakeholder forum at the Vibe Hotel in North Sydney on 17 April 2013.

The forum was well attended with over 60 stakeholders from health related organisations, health advocates, local government, peak industry groups, unions and research organisations. “The first forum was a great success and all stakeholders were actively involved in making it an interesting and productive event” said Centre for Population Health Acting Director, Jo Mitchell.

NSW Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research, Jillian Skinner, presented at the forum. “The approach being taken by the Healthy Workers Initiative gives us the best chance of improving health outcomes for working adults in NSW as it offers both individual feedback and referral to lifestyle programs and supportive workplace environments to make long term behaviour changes” said Mrs Skinner. She also spoke about the importance of partnerships between government, community and business in supporting working adults to live a healthy lifestyle.

Forum attendees enthusiastically participated in an interactive feedback session on the potential challenges and opportunities of the initiative.

Business stakeholders saw it as a great opportunity to improve the health of workers in their industry in addition to increasing business productivity. Stakeholder consultation is ongoing, with plans to shortly meet with key stakeholders in the Local Health Districts where the Initiative will be piloted from July 2013. Other stakeholder forums are planned for the future.

The NSW Healthy Workers Initiative will consist of a Health Check Service for individual workers focused on type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk and a Workplace Support Service to guide workplaces to support their workers in the reduction of lifestyle-related risk factors for chronic disease. The NSW Healthy Workers Initiative will have a phased process of implementation targeting particular groups of workers with a higher risk of developing chronic disease.

For more information on the NSW Healthy Workers Initiative visit: the Healthy Workers Initiative page.