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image of 2 women joggingBeing physically active can reduce the risk of chronic disease and obesity.
Seventy one percent of the Australian working population is not getting enough physical activity. Unhealthy living and low levels of physical activity, including sitting for long periods of time, are likely to be attributable to the increase in preventable disease and workplace injury is a major cause of workplace absence.

Workplace health programs can support physical activity by implementing a workplace physical activity policy, encouraging employees to break up sitting time and providing access to or opportunities for physical activity both at work and through active travel to and from work.

Have a look at the case studies for Sydney Water and Synergetic to see how they encourage their employees to be more physically active.


This section includes resources for employers who wish to promote physical activity in their workplace.

What can I do together with my employees to Move More?

Checklist of things you might consider:
  • Provide employees with information about why it is important to be physically active
  • Alert employees to government health campaigns such as:
  • Develop a workplace policy that encourages active travel to and from work and provide end of journey facilities such as showers and bike storage
  • Encourage employees to talk to their doctor and/or an exercise physiologist about their level of physical activity
  • Encourage employees to use the credible sources of information on physical activity found on this site
  • Encourage employees to join a gym or use or personal trainer
  • Subsidise physical activity equipment such as joggers or gym memberships
  • Encourage participation in corporate games
  • Undertake a workplace ‘pedometor challenge’
  • Encourage employees to use the stairs by making stairwells more attractive and promoting stair use with signage
  • Conduct ‘walk and talk’ or standing meetings

How to plan and deliver a program to support my workers to Move More

Use this section to help you to come up with some ideas about how you could plan and deliver a program to encourage more physical activity in your workplace, such as conducting walking meetings, making your workplace bicycle friendly or starting a walking group.

Heart Foundation

South Australian Government

Tasmanian Government

New South Wales Government

NSW Premier's Council for Active Living

WA Government

Worksafe ACT

  • Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace - A publication designed to provide both businesses and workers around the ACT with guidance on how to promote and implement physical activity and wellbeing initiatives within their workplaces.

Victoria Walks

CCOHS (Canada’s National Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)

Public Health Agency of Canada

fittogether (USA)

United States Department of Health

Developing a policy to encourage physical activity

Here are some references you can use to help you develop a workplace policy that encourages physical activity.

South Australian Government

  • Beactive - Workplace Physical Activity Resource Kit

Tasmanian Government

Workcover Tasmania

Victorian Government

Tools for Employers


Tips for moving more and sitting less

Australian Government

Heart Foundation

Queensland Health

Tasmanian Government

WA Government

Victorian Government - Better Health Channel

Cancer Council New South Wales

Cancer Council Northern Territory

Cancer Council Queensland

Cancer Council South Australia

Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Western Australia

Australian Diabetes Council

British Heart Foundation

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)