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Healthy Workers Initiative

King & Wood Mallesons

This law firm employs over 1500 workers world wide and decided to introduce a workplace health program to improve staff retention and engagement by offering it’s time-pressured lawyers comprehensive on-site workplace health activities such as health expos.

The challenge

The demanding work load placed upon lawyers led King & Wood Mallesons to implement a program with the motto ‘relax, revive and refresh.’ Mallesons’ Health & Wellbeing program was launched in 2001.

King & Wood Mallesons workplace health program aims to:

  • provide staff with easy access to health services, information and screenings;
  • encourage staff to keep fit and to maximise their wellbeing; and
  • to improve staff retention and engagement.
relax, revive, refresh Health and Wellbeing
“Providing initiatives on-site is a great way for time pressured lawyers to be tested for health issues that they would have otherwise had difficulty in finding time to attend to” King & Wood Mallesons Wellbeing Manager.

King & Wood Mallesons strategy for implementing their workplace health program

Raising awareness of health issues

The Health & Wellbeing team looks for innovative ways to increase awareness and participation in health related activities. New activities are introduced regularly, and prizes are often offered as a way to encourage people to participate. Emails are a simple and cost effective way to communicate and the intranet is an excellent way to provide easy access to useful information and links. The Wellbeing Manager at King & WoodMallesons has found that a simple email is a good way to get key messages across, particularly to staff that do not take the time to attend events.

Seminars are popular and are held every second month on a range of topics. Lunch is provided to encourage staff to attend.

Health checks and screening

Health Expos are run in all Australian centres. Medical practitioners, alternative health therapists and nutritionists provide free consultations and testing in areas such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, bone density testing, iridology, reflexology, massage, posture, back care, osteopathy and podiatry.

Gym membership and on-site classes

King & Wood Mallesons encourages staff to be physically active and offer all staff free gym membership. This is particularly important in an environment where staff spend long periods sitting at their desks each day. On-site yoga, pilates, physio, massage, reflexology and weight management classes are also offered in some centres. King & Wood Mallesons believe the money spent on gym memberships is a good investment as it is highly valued by staff.


Attendance and participation continues to increase, with attendance recorded and monitored at all events. Anecdotally, the program has translated to improved staff engagement and retention.


This program is a collaboration between Mallesons, Allens Arthur Robinson, Blake Dawson, Clayton Utz, Freehills and The College of Law. This initiative raises awareness and understanding of the impact of stress, depression and anxiety across the legal profession. The 2011 beyondblue Annual Report noted lawyers are more aware of mental health issues than they were as a group in 2009.

About us…

King & Wood Mallesons is a law firm that operates in Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and the UK. They have around 1600 staff and partners in Australia.