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Healthy Workers Quality Framework

The quality framework was developed to ensure workplace health promotion programs are of an appropriate standard and quality; delivered by appropriately skilled people; risk-managed to reduce adverse events; and monitored and accountable for results.

The Healthy Workers Quality Framework and relevant supporting guidance for providers, programs and employers, will be implemented during 2013 with the commencement of a voluntary registration process for providers and program developers, as an extension of the Healthy Living Network.

Joint Statement of Commitment - Promoting Good Health at Work

The Joint Statement of Commitment: Promoting Good Health at Work was launched by the Minister for Health in August 2011 and sets out the vision, roles and responsibilities of those in the workplace in supporting healthier lifestyles. It has been signed by peak employer representative groups, Unions and the Australian Government.

Wellbeing and mental health

Sometimes the term workplace health and wellbeing is used to describe a workplace health program. While wellbeing and mental health are acknowledged as important aspects of workplace health; this site focuses on five key aspects of promoting good health at work: Although it is recognised that there can be a link between mental health and the key health aspects mentioned above, the Healthy Workers initiative is focused on achieving improvements in the modifiable lifestyle risk factors of smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition and the hazardous consumption of alcohol.

The Australian Government is investing in National Mental Health Reform. In the May 2011 federal budget, the Australian Government announced a $1.5 billion mental health package to fund National Mental Health Reform. This funding will deliver genuine, practical and sustainable mental health reform to ensure that the millions of Australians living with mental illness get the care they need, when they need it. When combined with the 2010 budget and election commitments, the government will be providing $2.2 billion over five years for mental health services. More information on this reform is available here.

For further information on national mental health and wellbeing activity in Australia see Mental Health & Wellbeing – Mental Health in Australia
Other useful links for mental health include:
  • Blackdog – provides information on depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Beyond Blue – provides information on depression, anxiety and related disorders.
  • Comcare Work Health – provides information on the relationship between work and health and useful information and resources on mental health and work.

Workplace Health and Safety

A healthy workplace may complement workplace health and safety arrangements in your workplace but will not lessen or change requirements and obligations.
In Australia, states and territories have responsibility for making laws about workplace health and safety and for enforcing those laws.
The Safe Work Australia web site includes links to workplace health and safety regulators in your State or Territory.

Other useful links

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NHMRC Australian Dietary Guidelines - The NHMRC’s Australian Dietary Guidelines are based on the best available scientific evidence and provide information about the types and amounts of foods, food groups and dietary patterns.

Physical Activity Guidelines - The National Physical Activity Guidelines for Australians outline the minimum levels of physical activity required to gain a health benefit and ways to incorporate incidental physical activity into everyday life.