Department of Health

Healthy Workers Initiative

Creating Your Own Healthy Workplace

There are many approaches to developing a healthier workplace that range from simple, low cost approaches to more detailed approaches.

Most successful workplace health programs follow a process that involves continuous improvement – that is, the process continually plans, acts, reviews and improves on the workplace’s health promotion activities.

To create a successful program it is also important to consider how the workplace’s health promotion activities can be sustained in the long term.

In the other pages of this section, you will find information on the three main stages to assist you to create your own healthier workplace: Getting Started , How to Plan and Deliver your Program and How to Improve your Program.

No two workplaces are the same, which is why successful approaches to promoting a healthy working environment are those that are tailored to the needs of your workplace and employees. That is why we have provided information on how to develop and implement both simple approaches and more detailed approaches to workplace health. Depending on the circumstances of your workplace, you may wish to start small, using simple strategies, and look to build your program over time, or you may wish to implement a more detailed strategy straight away.

The Quality Framework developed for the Healthy Workers initiative includes Principles for Healthy Workplaces (HTML) | Principles for Healthy Workplaces (PDF 1787 KB). The five key principles cover the drivers and inhibitors of successful workplace health promotion for employers.