Department of Health

Healthy Workers Initiative

Workplace Health Program Checklist for Small Business

First steps to workplace health

Gain support from management

  • Identify a manger or team leader who is willing to make personal changes and lead by example

Engage your workers

  • Nominate one person to lead your workplace health program
  • Use staff meetings or regular staff interviews to talk to workers about workplace health in your organisation
  • Identify how you will prioritise and act on workers’ suggestions
  • Identify how you will get information to your workers eg posters, emails, personal letters

Assess your workers needs

  • Ask workers at a team meeting what should be the organisation’s health promotion priorities
  • Walk around the workplace (or a typical example of the place of work if the business is mobile) looking for possible ways in which the workplace might impact on workplace health
  • Consider working conditions and how they might affect workplace health
  • Review the number of sick days

How to Plan and Deliver a Workplace Health Program

Choose one or more health issues you want to include in your program

  • Use a regular staff or team meeting to identify some health issues that you could address
  • Ask staff to prioritise the most important issue for you to start with

Plan and Deliver your program

  • Create a to-do list and ask for feedback from staff at a meeting or via email
  • Allocate activities or tasks to individuals or small groups and ensure they are given dedicated work time and support to undertake them

How to improve your program

Gather Feedback and Evaluate

  • Regularly ask for feedback and whether the implementation can be improved
  • Ask people whether they have noticed health improvements as a result
  • Measure changes in absentee rates
  • Ask workers how they felt the program or activities went
  • Keep a record of how many workers participated in activities and meetings

What Can I do in my workplace?

Some key areas to focus on are: