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Australia has a diverse range of businesses, from very large to very small with an equally diverse range of workplace arrangements. Finding the right starting point to promote healthier lifestyles in workplaces is going to be different for each business. For some it may be starting with a single issue, such as stopping smoking or improving the quality and type of food that is available in the workplace. For other organisations, it may be the introduction of integrated initiatives that support of a number of healthier lifestyle behaviours. The case studies featured on this site show how different organisations have identified what they wanted to change to support healthier workplaces, and how they are working towards their goals.

  • Department of Police and Emergency Management (DPEM)
    Police officers from Tasmania Police improved their eating habits with the introduction of a Soup Program which aimed to increase the healthy meal and snack options available to shift-workers.
  • King & Wood Mallesons
    This law firm employs over 1500 workers world wide and decided to introduce a workplace health program to improve staff retention and engagement by offering it’s time-pressured lawyers comprehensive on-site workplace health activities such as lunchtime seminars and free gym memberships.
  • Ramsay Health Care
    Ramsay is a large organisation that has established a comprehensive workplace health framework that allows individual hospitals to tailor activities such as targeted quit smoking programs to meet the needs of local staff.
  • Sydney Water
    Sydney Water reduced its staff turnover and absenteeism by encouraging staff to improve their work/life balance by getting them involved in workplace health activities such as lunch time walking groups.
  • Synergetic
    Managers lead by example at a small software company in Victoria, they allow flexible work hours for physical activity at lunchtime and provide exercise equipment and weekly fruit bowls at work.
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These case studies are the views of the company rather than the Department of Health. Their views are not necessarily endorsed by the Department of Health.