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Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australia, and twenty four percent of Australian workers are consuming risky amounts. Regular drinking of alcohol can cause health, personal and social issues, which have the potential to impact on work attendance and performance. The harmful consumption of alcohol can also impact on workplace safety. Workplace health programs can address alcohol by implementing a workplace alcohol policy and supporting employees to address high-risk and problem alcohol consumption.


This section includes resources for employers who wish to reduce risky alcohol consumption by their employees.

How can we work together to encourage and support employees to drink responsibly?

Refer to the Australian Government's Alcohol website

Checklist of things you might consider:
  • Develop an ‘alcohol at my workplace policy'
  • Ensure no alcohol is provided at your workplace
  • Consider workplace stress as a trigger to high-risk or problem drinking
  • Provide employees with information about the risks of high-risk and problem drinking as well as the reduced health risks associated with drinking responsibly
  • Encourage employees to talk to their doctor about their alcohol consumption
  • Encourage employees to join an appropriate program which aims to address problem drinking and promotes and supports responsible drinking to reduce alcohol related health problems, and consider subsidising participation in such a program

Show me how to help my employees to reduce their risks from alcohol

This section provides some useful starting points for employers looking at implementing a workplace health program focused on alcohol.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Heart Foundation

Workcover Tasmania

fittogether (USA)

WELCOA (Wellness Councils of America)

Developing a policy to reduce the alcohol intake of your employees

These resources provide some background information on alcohol and can help you to develop a healthy workplace policy.

South Australian Government

Western Australian Government

Worksafe Victoria - WorkHealth

Tools for Employers

In this section you can find some tools such as quiz’s, brochures and self assessments to help determine the risk associated with your employees alcohol consumption and reduce risky alcohol behaviour.

Australian Government

Department of Health

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

  • The Right Mix - handy hints for functions - Handy hints for the provision of alcohol in functions (veteran community) but applicable to all

SA Health

Cancer Council Queensland

Australian Drug Foundation

NHS (National Health Service, United Kingdom)


This section includes some general information about the risks of alcohol consumption and some simple fact-sheets and flyers for people who wish to learn about how alcohol affects them and how they can reduce their alcohol intake.

How can I reduce my intake of alcohol?

Tools for employees

QLD Health