Department of Health

Healthy Workers Initiative

Australian Capital Territory

A major initiative of the ACT Healthy Workers Program is the establishment of a new workplace support and facilitation service - Healthier Work – delivered by WorkSafe ACT. Healthier Work aims to build the capacity of ACT workplaces to implement programs, policies, and practices that encourage health promoting workplace environments and sustained employee healthy lifestyle changes. A range of resources are available from the Healthier Work website to support workplaces, including a Guide to Promoting Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace, templates and tools, and case studies. Healthier Work also conducts training for workplace health coordinators.

Further, the ACT Government Health Directorate provides an Online Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey to assist workplaces in identifying the health needs and workplace health program preferences of staff. The ACT is also progressing public sector specific initiatives under the Healthy Workers Program.

For more information on the Healthier Work program, visit the Healthier Work website.

The links below are to resources that were developed in the Australian Capital Territory.

There are also resources that have been developed in different states and territories that could be relevant to your workplace.

Find out more about creating your own healthy workplace.

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