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Healthy Workers Initiative


This web site has been developed by the Australian Government as part of the Healthy Workers initiative under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.

Australian governments at all levels have recognised the need for a preventive approach to emerging health issues as well as the opportunities that workplaces and other settings can offer in reaching the wider community.

The Healthy Workers initiative is providing up to $222 million in funding for health promotion in workplaces that focus on key modifiable lifestyle behaviours to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Initiatives include , increasing levels of physical activity and intake of fruit and vegetables, smoking cessation and reducing harmful levels of alcohol consumption.

Of this amount, up to $217 million will be provided over seven years (from 2011-12 to 2017-18) to state and territory governments to support health promotion activities in workplaces.

Funding for Healthy Workers has been allocated to specific activities which are detailed in state and territory implementation plans. These plans, which include local contact details for activities, can be accessed at: National Partnerships - Health

The remaining $5 million is being used by the Australian Government to develop ‘soft infrastructure’ to support the implementation of state and territory activities at both a local and national level. This infrastructure includes this website, the Joint Statement of Commitment: Promoting Good Health at Work and a quality framework and registration web site for workplace health programs. National awards for employers demonstrating best practice in workplace health programs are being delivered by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency.

The Healthy Workers initiative acknowledges the diversity of employees, workplaces and businesses (large, small to medium, self-employed and home businesses) in Australia and Occupational Health and Safety legislation which is an important statutory requirement for all Australian workplaces.

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